Erie County Notary

  • Registration RENEWALS with stickers

  • Titling and some services that are included within.

       1.   T-plates
                 a. Car  (passenger)
                b. Truck
                c.  Trailer
                d. Motorcycle
                e.  Motor Home
                 f.  School Bus
                 g.  Moped
                 h.  Bus
                 i.  Intransit (vehicles bought to be titled out of state)  
                                           Good for 30 days
                  j. Perm -Trailer  (Permanent Plate for trailers over
                               10,001 lbs.  A one time fee for Registration)
                 k.  IMP
                 l.   SME
                 m. Omnibus

        2.  Title Transfers

       3.  Out of State Transfers into Pennsylvania
                      A. Title work and Plated the same day.

       4.   Vehicles Sold to out of State Residents- issuing
              a 30 Day Intransit Plate good for 30 Days Only

  • Motor Vehicle  

     1.  Handicap
     2.  62 and over- Reduced your Registration fees to $10.00
     3.  Instant Name Changed on your Title and Registration.